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Currently we did encounter an unexpected issue during the testing period, anyway we are still working on it, hopefully will fix it very soon and keep you updated as well, thank again for your concern and continued support!

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Crown3DS Team 2011-12.9

Crown3DS released!

Great news! We are proud to announce that: Crown3DS, the first genuine 3DS flashcard in the world, its original testing card now can run 3DS rom game - "splinter cell3d.3ds" on 3DS V2.1.0-4 successfully(see more details in the above youtube video)! Many thanks to all of our developing guys, it couldn't make without their several months hardwork....

Next, we will dump more 3DS rom games, and will do further firmware testing and keep structure design updated for more high compatibility and stability.

The more specific info of Crown3DS card will be released sooner or later, to be expected!

Crown3DS Team


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